In more common, less complex cases, defective drain runs are repaired by means of trenchless technology.

Various techniques are used for this including more specialised multiple bend lining. The minimum area treated can be anything from 75mm up to a maximum of 1000mm using the specific lining technique needed to meet the needs of the client and the job. This may involve using a technique which repairs the damaged pipe or, if needed, relining the whole section of damaged pipe. In cases where the lining repair crosses a junction all connections are cut out by the use of a Lateral Cutter to allow the continuous flow of water.

Trenchless technology is a much less intrusive repair method and eliminates the disruption of digging. Ace Industrial have the capabilities to re-form and re-round faulty and collapsing Pitch Fibre pipe work from the 60′s and 70′s when many other companies have not. This gives you the opportunity to save on the costly outlay of a whole new system.

Customer needs are a priority for Ace Industrial and as such are considered when deciding on the chemical mix to cater for asthmatics, sufferers of allergens and to minimise odour.